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About us


At St. Paul Lutheran Church, over 500 baptized members come together to gather, grow, and go! We enjoy what we do, laugh and have fun in worship.


Christ is surely present in our worship and praise. Not only do 165 people (on average) gather for worship every week, we have an active community that regularly worships with us via Livestream. Children, youth and adults grow in faith as they get involved in the church.


St. Paul members and staff have a huge impact on our community and encourage outside groups to meet in our facility. If you are already involved in our ministry, thank you! By sharing all of your gifts, you help make us who we are and enable us to spread the love of Jesus in our community and beyond. If you are looking for a family of faith, please come and experience what we have to offer for your faith to grow!


We are an affiliated congregation of the ELCA.

At St. Paul’s, Holy Communion is celebrated on the first and third Sundays of the month.  Communion is offered to all who confess Jesus Christ as Lord and who believe in the Real Presence of Christ in this communion we share together.  The bread is served from a common loaf and the wine is served in individual glasses. First communion is given to children whose parents feel they are ready, but historically 3rd graders and younger children are invited to come forward for a pastoral blessing.

History of St. Paul Lutheran Church

The origins of St. Paul Lutheran Church date back to the start of the 20th century. Three separate Lutheran congregations in the Garrison area, Zion, Immanuel, and St. Paul, were organized during this period of immigration into North Dakota. In 1913, St. Paul Lutheran Church was organized in Garrison and by 1948 the three churches had formed one congregation. The congregation moved to a new church building in northeast Garrison in 1985. In our 100 year history, 14 pastors have been called to our congregation. We are being served currently by Pastor Janis Sloka, III.

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